Rust #5: C’mon people, lets do this right…

Its been a while since I’ve ranted about anything in my Rust series. So here goes, this one is hard to follow so grab a beer and sit down. This week has had a common theme crop up for me and that is: Our society is lazy as F**K and doesn’t give a crap about the next person in line. Basically we suck.

I’ll use the above photo as a starting point. This week CAKE debuted their newest album Showroom of Compassion at number one on the charts. The sad part about this is, they did it with the lowest number of album sales on record since 1991, when weekly record sales reports started. Does this mean no one is buying music? Or is it that there are that many more musicians and methods of delivery that we can’t accurately track it.  Maybe it’s an indicator of the economy. Or ignorance of the fact that musicians can not make a living with people stealing music by downloading it for free. Whatever way you look at it, I’m sure CAKE would not change a thing about their music. But they might change the format of the media. Technology has made it so easy for us to just copy things we want without paying for them, that most people duplicate things without even thinking twice about it. If you look back at 1991 the easiest way for someone to copy music at that time was tape. Most stereo’s at the time had dual tape decks easily allowing you to dub a tape and give to your friend. But today’s tape deck is more sophisticated, and the friends are people across the world you might not even know. What used to be your best friend’s new mix tape is now an unlimited pool of music, movies and software torrent-able at the drop of a hat. The largest pool of music purchasers are probably the ones most likely to download stolen music. Controls over rights management by way of DRM have ultimately failed as they are easily circumvented. So what do we do now? There will always be ways to duplicate music etc. But maybe we should do whats right, and go out and buy an actual CD at the smallest music retailer you can find or download some songs directly from the artist’s site and pay them. That’s a start, good for you. Don’t you feel better? Yes, but the economy still sucks.

This week also included a bunch of instances in my work life where my co-workers and business contacts were oblivious or ignorant of their surroundings and others. By that I mean these people didn’t give a crap about the next person in line, or the person who would handle the job after them, or leaving a mess and thinking their mothers also worked with them and would clean up after them. To this I say screw you, ignorant ass. Look at what you just messed up. Now fix it because if you don’t, I’ll have to. I’m hopeful that some day things like the Green Movement,the Slow Food / Local Food trends and even PARENTS will begin to empower people and children to look at what they do in a more intelligent manner and thereby translating into their daily lives, knowing that what they do effects others and the environment… Also applicable to the first topic. Today I said F**K YOU a lot, to other people at work who were not paying attention to their surroundings. Wrong? Yes, but sometimes it is all you can do to get others to take you seriously, especially the ignorant thoughtless people. To quote a friend, “Work Sucks.”

Also a topic of discussion this week, in part with Jman, has been the subject of proper business etiquette. Topics such as crowdsourcing, outsourcing to China or other foreign lands, cut-throat attempts to take business away from other companies, and just plain stupidity have me really thinking about what it means to work and operate in this kind of economy and world which is now 2011. Its obvious to me that some businesses and people are able to stay afloat just by sheer luck or happenstance, and the force of hard working employees that they care nothing about. Right now I feel this is the state of our once great nation: We suck.

I want to finish by saying as a conclusion to all of the above topics: C’mon people, lets get our shit together and do this right.

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