Drawing the Line When?Where? What Line? WHY?

where do YOU draw the line?

Rencently, I made a visit to one of my favorite shops to pick up some thirst quencher. Not always sasisfied with my home remedies, i like to see whats out there. I noticed a new guy on the shelf and imagined it sitting among the rest of the collection in my home. As I reached for the package, something caught my eye, $18.99! I retracted my hand swiftly as if i had just touched a hot stove.

Now, Im not a cheap skate and will gladly pay premium prices for premium product. Sometimes I will even make a purchase of near that dollar amount for a 750 bottle. This time the sticker shock clashed hard with my wallet and I left that package to become someone else’s addition to their collection. I am not saying this product doesnt deserve the price its fetching. After all, I dont know the costs to brew or limited availablity and so on, BUT Im also not posting this to justify the price hack either. I leave that to you and your philosphy. I just beg the question, When and Where do YOU draw the line?

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  1. MadMatt says:

    I generally draw the line at what seems reasonable. I’m also willing to pay for something that’s a premium if it has great interest to me. That being said, I would hope this is truly a premium beer, which they have “extremely” brewed in an absurd manner that costs an outlandish amount to produce and not hype. Surly has a cult like following so I’m sure its selling. But is a double IPA worth 30 cents an ounce? That’s about the same per ounce as an $8 bottle of wine. Yeah I just don’t know. Eye of the beholder?

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