Is this really nessesary?

Youre out on your own, and remembered to bring a bottle of homebrew. You work up a serious thirst and remember that bottle. You go to open it only to find that you have forgot your bottle opener at home. Luckily, you bought one of these shirts and wear it everyday and are able to overcome this delma of the unopened bottle.

Or you are not that lame and realize the world is a bottle opener, you just got to know where to look. Gripping the bottle in the choke hold near the top of the neck, your thumb becomes a fulcrum to whatever object may be nearby. Use your belt buckle, your keys, a frozen piece of tubing (ALBc Winter application), phonebook, bottle of ketchup, blackberry, you get the idea. Use this new found usesful instrument as a lever pressed under the cap and using your thumb as the fulcrum to pry that cap right off. When done right the cap flies high in the air with a pop, and you are soon guzzling brew. There you have it no shirt required, Mc Guyver!

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