Design Tip of the Week: Shove it in Your BuzzHole!

Yeah, you heard me! Take those buzzwords you learned from your Charbuck’s chugging colleagues and put them where the honey aint so sweet. No,.. really. I don’t understand what “it needs to pop!” means. Referring to page 2 of a design as “creative 2” does not make you or it more “creative.” And no, not everything can be “fresh.” I think the art / design / marketing fields are full of buzzwords because generally most people don’t know what they are talking about, or have no idea what they want. As a designer / art person, I hear a lot of buzzwords from other people. Most of the time I understand what they are talking about, but sometimes these words are used as sweeping generalizations for the intangible going on inside someones head, and we as designers have to try and decipher. This also applies to brewing, but I don’t seem to see it as much. Descriptions like fresh cut grass or bready are good descriptive terms for flavors or aromas appropriate to beer. But I’m pretty sure someone saying my beer “lacks synergy” would surely get a mash paddle to the face. No matter what line of work you are in, I implore you to speak plainly, and in our common language. Use technical terms and descriptions appropriate to the industry. Using buzzwords does not make it sound like you are “in the know.” They just make you sound like a douche. Thank you for your “value-added” time.

Please post a comment with your favorite buzzwords, from your least favorite people!

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