Rust #5 – My United States of Whatever

Been a while since anything was updated from ALBC East, but Meh, been busy doing all sorts of random stuff, whatever. In the last few weeks I’ve discovered several parallels in the different diversions that take up portions of my life. For example – complex 4 step mashes make as much sense to me as rebuilding and tuning 4 carburetors on my cafe racer. I recently did both, and learned a little in the process. Do I totally understand them? No. But learning is in the doing of the thing. So, not only do I have a nice wheat beer, but my ’78 KZ650 is again burning up the road.

While brewing up the aforementioned wheat beer, I was slightly confused by pitching rates of yeast from different sources. While figuring out how much to use for my odd sized 4 gal batch, I noticed that standard packages of yeast generally have instructions for using one package for 5 gals. But as many of you know, the amount to use “recommended” by the brewing authorities out there is almost twice that of a standard package. My first question is, why do they tell you to use one package if its not optimal, Why not sell us more yeast in a bigger package? Secondly if I dont use it, what happens? Conveniently for me, one answer to this came from a recent podcast on Basic Brewing – see the May 13th episode – Stir plates and Triangle Tests. Or see the link to Sean’s website: Sean Terrel’s yeast pitching experiment

Other miscellanea in Anarchy Lane East Brewery: our batch of Washington Riesling is in process. This was a learning experience for me, in that wine kits are sized for 6 gallons. And of course all of my equipment is sized for 5 gals, so a bucket and carboy purchase was in order. In the process I have decided that for a beer brewer, a wine kit is fairly straightforward. Mead makers will find this almost exactly the same. But 2 things you’ll want in addition to your standard gear for beer if you don’t already have them: 1 – a wine thief and 2 – a stirring whip for you drill for degassing wine. Both will make life easier for you. We’ll let you know how it turns out. In addition JMan and I have been working on temperature controlled buckets – more to come on that. My recent batch of Flanders Red seems to be progressing nicely, i have a nice pellicle forming on the top of the beer! Go bugs Go! My hops are up, and my centennial is about 9 ft as of this morning.

Also, Northern Brewer has a new video series out, Brewing TV its worth checking out when you have some spare time. Good job guys!

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