First E-Brew – electric boil Cafe Racer!

DSC04436Last weekend was the first all-electric brew over here at Anarchy Lane East. J-Man was in town and so we brewed up a batch of Cafe Racer coffee ale (recipe coming soon!) Using the two heatsticks I had made a few weeks previous, we proceeded to do a step mash. One heatstick took the mash from 125 F to 154F in just a few minutes. We then proceeded to the boil using both heatsticks. To keep the boil going at a nice pace we rotated from one to two sticks. As the boil died back on one stick we cranked up a second for a while. This seemed to work well giving us a good boil off rate. Can’t wait to taste some of this beer!

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  1. JMan says:

    The heatsticks were are great success. Heating the strike water to temp in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 homebrews) and very comparable to fire.

    The weirdest thing, besides boiling wort in a pot sitting on the floor was the odd noise it made while bringing up the wort to a boil, a strange waa waaa waa harmonic noise. once the boil commenced, it was gone. Sounded like something from Sci-Fi.

    Another surprise, other than the fact that we were not electrocuted, was that there was not caramelization on the heat probes themselves. We weren’t really at a major risk of electrocution, proper precautions were taken, but limiting the number of homebrews on a maiden voyage of your first EBrew might be a good idea. We managed.

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