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While I am not sure where my preference for White Labs pitchable vials came from for a brewing yeast, but I have acumulated quite a pile of empty tubes. Perhaps it is that they had the term “San Francisco” On their strain of Steam Lager yeast (#WLP810).

Somewhere I have read that the wild yeast in the Bay Area is particularly unique in that area as opposed to others and gives the sour dough its unique flavor. So, I tried it and several vials later I started using their tubes for every batch.

I found a few uses for the tubes, keeping my cold brew extract in, a waterproof container for cash, or even a small parts cleaning vessel. Then I stumbled upon the White Labs Customer Club and decided to turn them in for some glassware. So I packed them up along with some of my “signature” stickers and shipped them off.

I was anticipating just an ordinary pint glass to add to the collection. But shortly after sending it off, I received the big glass mug pictured above. The next day an envelope arrived containing several decals from White Labs and a coupon. Pretty Cool! Perhaps I was touched by a gift of BrewKarma as well!

So, now I have found a use for the container of my yeast that is redeemable for cool prizes. Cant do that with those annoying foil wrappers that are hard to squeeze every drop from.

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  1. MadMatt says:

    That’s cool! But you do realize its now “on”. Being a wyeast person I can tell you that a long distance foil packet slapping is in order.

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