RUST #3: One persons rust is another persons gold.


Like most other homebrewers, I tend to brew on the weekends. All-grain brewing tends to take up a good portion of a day. From start to finish it can take somewhere in the range of 4-5 hours for me. My equipment is stored in the basement, and I have to haul 2 pots, mash cooler, wort chiller and all the other misc items up from the storage area to the kitchen and or garage. After brewing I then clean and put away. The up and down of equipment and full carboys / fermenters gets a little old sometimes adding an hour to my brew day.

A few weeks ago, during the start of an average brew day I was doing my hauling up from the basement. And I must have not had enough coffee that morning because I was unusually surly about the whole thing. I began complaining to Jayne Evyl. The usual gripe about how I wished I had a utility sink in the basement so that I could then brew there as well. I proceeded with brewing a wheat beer while Jayne left to run some errands. When I had finished my brew Jayne returned about the same time. She then said “There is a utility sink down the block with a sign on it says free.”  I immediately jumped into the truck and drove down the street. There it was, a double utility sink in all of its glory. It had no legs, and had some rust stains in the bottom, but was in good shape. Up it went into the truck and back to the house. The brewing gods had spoken: “Now shut up, and quit complaining, this is all you get!”

In a few days time I had built a stand for the sink, added plumbing and rearranged my work area into the start of my basement brewery. I was now able to have all of my supplies and equipment in one area with no hauling! In the process of cleaning I found a few items that were no longer needed that were still in good shape. As an offering to the brew-gods, I put them out on the curb with a “free” sign. Within a few hours the items were on their way to new homes.  The karma circle was complete.

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