Sourdough Success!

Can't wait to cut this one open!

Can't wait to cut this one open!

Previously Jman had admitted to us all he was a closet bread baker, and that he feels like an old German woman. Fear not my friend, I too will confess that I have started down the path of bread baking. I think this is OK for a guy to admit. I mean its ok as long as the subject then changes to brewing beer. Enough defending my masculinity. After many attempts at a good sourdough boule … I finally have one. Using a slightly altered formula from the book  Bread Baker’s Apprentice, I was able to pull this one off. Using a larger portion of firm sourdough starter and extended rising in an improvised banneton using my oven with the light on as a proofing box, I was finally able to get a decent boule! As far as sourdough flavor, we will see. I’ve been slightly disappointed in my sourdough breads not being “sour.” Hopefully the larger starter and a little bit of rye has helped.

See below for a preview of where this formula came from. I highly recommend this book-> The bread baker’s apprentice: mastering the art of extraordinary bread By Peter Reinhart.

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3 Responses to Sourdough Success!

  1. JMan says:

    that is a nice looking freshly pinched loaf. Check out that weapon of destruction from J Henkels. Every good baker needs a good extension of doom on his freshly born child (of yeast and dough conglomerate).

    I have had great success with my sourdough starter from the very same text:Bread Bakers Apprentice it is nearing a year old. I followed the directions of the book as best i could and yielded some soury muck that adds a good bite to any loaf.

    wonder how carving an anarchy A into the top of proofed dough would turn out?

  2. MadMatt says:

    Once sliced open it had a very nice complex flavor, but not super tangy. I guess thats to nature of sourdough – the culture takes on the beasties from your own environment. So I guess I’ll settle for a nicely risen loaf that tastes great… oh well 🙂

  3. Jayne Evyl says:

    Well done, MadMatt! I look forward to tasting your sourdough creation!

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