Styles, Who needs ’em?

Stiles, who needs HIM?

Stiles, who needs HIM?

Well if you are talking of Rupert ‘Stiles’ Stilinski, then none of us need him or do we? With out ol Stiles of the infamous Teen Wolf mid-80′ Film would we actually know what was, or rather, was not cool?

Of course we could decide for ourselves, but with out someone such as this parading around with his red jeans on, we would not have a perfectly good example of what not to do would we?

At Anarchy Lanes Brewing Company we like to avoid the classification of styles, but cannot live with out them. Without having rules, what would we break? While we pay hommage to the rules of style classification, we at the same time are trying to understand what makes that particular brew good or what we do not care for. We then take what we like and discard the rest creating a Frank-N-Stein (no pun intended) of a brew. One that suits our tastes and maybe not yours. We do not really care. As long as our tastebuds are alive with what we call good!

So for Styles or Stiles, who needs them, we all kinda do, in our own way. Without the ones before us, where are we going and where are we coming from, and who do we tell to screw off and proclaim “What are you looking at Dicknose”!

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  1. MadMatt says:

    I agree – a guy has to brew something as a baseline to see what all the fuss is about. But after that – the style guidelines just seem to get in the way. Going with your gut feeling of what goes together in a good brew is critical. But what goes together? Hmm… how about a smoked cherry lager…… oh and doesn’t Stiles seem a bit old to be in highschool???

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