Yeast finger prints for brewing catalogs

Colleagues have been using this methodology for a while now and have found it beneficial:

New Molecular Strain Typing Test to Ensure Consistent Quality of Beer

DiversiLab Saccharomyces Kit
bioMérieux has launched the DiversiLab® Saccharomyces DNA Fingerprinting kit, which will accurately and reproducibly identify the strain type of yeast used in the brewing of beer.

Members of the Saccharomyces genus are used in making wine, bread, beer and some medicines. This yeast is responsible for fermentation during the brewing of beer and also influences its character and flavor. The particular strain type used in brewing determines whether the beer will be an ale, stout or lager. Verifying the genotype, phenotype and purity of the Saccharomyces strains that are used is critical to ensure the consistent quality and characteristics of beer.

The DiversiLab Saccharomyces DNA Fingerprinting Kit was developed to address an unmet demand for quality control measures for the beer industry. The new test provides accurate strain typing of critical, typically proprietary, strains in just hours. bioMérieux is the first to offer these features on an automated system. Traditional methods can require a high level of technical expertise, take days to deliver results and can lack the same level of accuracy and reproducibility as the DiversiLab system. DiversiLab solutions are also easier to implement and use.

“We are constantly striving to innovate the quality control tools available to our customers,” stated Alexandre Mérieux, Corporate Vice President, Industrial Microbiology. “This new test will bring value to brewers in a competitive market where accurate characterization and maintenance of proprietary strains are critical to protecting a brand´s consistent quality.”

The DiversiLab system is also used for early identification of contamination events in breweries, resulting in substantial economic savings. The Saccharomyces DNA Fingerprinting kit reinforces the DiversiLab range of 30 testing solutions that bioMérieux offers for microbial genotyping.

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  1. MadMatt says:

    Wow, that looks really awesome. Although, probably not for the homebrewing scale I think that has a lot of great things going for it – small size and self contained. Every brewery is going to want one of those, including ours!

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