Worst Product of 2012 – Eggies !


When I saw this product on the shelf, I fell in love. Who doesn’t relish the idea of boiled eggs, but no peeling? Little did I know this would be a trip through egg cooking hell. As soon as I opened the package I knew something wrong. I should have closed the box and walked away. 4 individual parts plus 2 o-rings comprise 1 eggie. As I was filling the eggies with.. umm ..egg, it dawned on me that $10 had dissapeared from my life, with little reward. The water started to boil, and egg soon began foaming everywhere. The chicken god had foresaken me on this day. The plastic resivouirs from hell could not be cleaned. It took me 1 hour to hard boil 6 eggs. Sadly the plastic was not even recycleable. Much like boat ownership, the best time I had with eggies were the 20 minutes I dreamed of perfect shell free eggs, and the 5 seconds it took me to throw them away. Egg on my face, jerks.

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