I went to London, and all you got was this lousy blog post…

As a fan of English beer styles, for me there is no better place in the world than London. It sort of reminded me of Wisconsin really. A pub on every corner. Except that in London, the beer is mostly well kept cask ale’s. As you enter a pub you are greeted by rows of beer engines, with bartenders happy to pull a pint for you, at correct cellar temperatures. Yeah, they have cold lager on tap for picky tourists. What is wrong with those people? I heard one American tourist exclaim she bought a Foster’s because it was the cheapest beer they had. My favorite beer of the trip had to be London Pride. It is a great session beer with a full English malt and hop flavor, and was available at every turn.

Our first pint in London.

While visiting there, I was lucky enough to find my way to Fuller’s Brewery and go on a tour. I walked out of the brewery shop with a bottle of 1999 vintage ale and a barrel aged Brewer’s Reserve. I can’t wait to sample them. Check out the gallery below for some more pics of the brewery.

Fuller's modern Brewery. The barrels on the right are hops waiting to go in the kettle.

A highlight of the trip was having a traditional English afternoon Tea with Jayne. It was a bit rainy outside when we ducked into the Coach and Horses pub so it was a good time to have afternoon tea. We were led behind the bar and upstairs to Soho’s Secret Tea Room, with its cozy atmosphere and retro 40’s decor. Frank Sinatra played on a small record player as we ate scones, clotted cream, and other treats. It seemed to be a local favorite. Just far enough off the beaten path to be sought out by only those that know where its located.

Tea at Soho's Secret Tea Room.

By the way, Stonehenge is still there out in the countryside. Skip getting a cheeseburger at the pub. Not only do they have better offerings like Whitebait ( fried fish bait, literally ) or some other traditional english meat pie with mushy peas on the side, but they also do not know what a proper juicy loaded hamburger is like. They make fun of us ‘Merican’s at every available opportunity, but we sure as hell know what a good cheeseburger is and isn’t

Whitebait and a pint of Bishop's Finger for lunch.

I won’t go on an on about the trip, but will recommend to anyone with the chance, head to London if you love English Ale!

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