Not Brew Shoes


Inspired by MadMatt’s post, I too decided i needed some slacker footwear for my wanna be slacker lifestyle. I looked around online and just ran out of time. While I was on vacation, I came across these Sanuk’s Well, they aren’t Brewshoes, they had a similar look to them. According to the Sanuk site, they arent shoes either, they’re sandals. The Sanuk’s sole is like that of a flip-flop, very squishy and has no liner, foot to foam. Some of the other models do have liners. I found them especially handy at the airport for their slip on, slip off ability.

Well they arent brewshoes, nor do they claim to be even shoes, they are pretty nice. the sole is very soft and spongy, they are more comfortable for side walk cruising than I thought. I was also impressed with the attachment of the top to the sole, there are a series of loops in the top that interlace with the sole. Not a cheesy glue attachment that I would assume. This particular model, the pick pocket, has a pocket on the top. I think i will keep my hydrometer there.

Next time I see MadMatt, we will have a duel and a match of toe stomp to see which shoe reigns supreme.

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  1. MadMatt says:

    Nice, I like those. I really like the Sanuks I have that are lace up, more like slippers than shoes. Careful when doing groin kicks to “the Man” – you might break your hydrometer. Maybe a good place to stash some “hops”?

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