Bomber Thursdays!


Not exactly a bomber, but a bomber’s worth of hops reside in this wee 12oz bottle. Now, I normally overlook anything hailing from the east when it comes to hopped up brews, feeling that they just don’t get it like the other coast does. A few exceptions, say Victory.

The Brooklyn brand has been crossing my path recently, so I invited a sampling. I was pleasantly greeted by this fine specimen which takes the IPA in a different direction. Heavily hopped like the west coasters do, but using all English style hops. Mainly EKG and Nothdown. Something I have wanted to experiment on the homebrew scale, come to life by an unlikely, for me culprit.

Built with a malt backbone one the sweet side but hints of toast while still dominated by the generous amounts of Goldings hops. Overly hopped for a traditional English ale but right at home for this guy.

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