Anarchy in MN!

Out here in Anarchy West, the government shut down. Which is cool, as we are into ANARCHY, but they kept the vial things intact, like law enforcement. License and permit distribution is shut down which has some serious impact. Hundreds of bars and liquor stores across the state are slowly running out of alcohol because they were unable to renew their state-issued purchase cards.

To top that off, Miller Coors was unable to renew their brand license and will be forced to stop selling their products in the state until the budget agreement is made. Until then, they may be forced to remove their products from the shelves.

Now, we spend some time razzing Big Beer for their fizzy yellow colored water, but we hate incompetence more. We have a group of goverment officails who cant come to an agreement on the budget and are still getting paid to do so (or for doing nothing). Meanwhile, the residents of Minnesota are left beerless, unemployed, and without state parks, rest stops and other  facilities or programs and still expected to pay taxes.

Luckily Anarchy Lane is stocked with homebrew and components to make more. But we need our 40oz Olde English and our parks to drink it in. Get it together, the people of Minnesota need their beer. To take that away is playing a dangerous game.

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