Sour Cherry Melomel


Behold the makings of the newest batch of Sour Cherry Melomel. in the foreground is the last attempt from two years back. This year, I am looking for some serious cherry punch. I am still formulating the specifics but have procured some tart cherries from the local farm market, 8 pounds in fact. Well, 2 pounds were sacrificed in another culinary exercise, the perverbial cherry pie. In addition to the 7# of tart, 3 pounds of Bing cherries were also purchased to round out the flavor a bit.

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  1. RMAU says:

    Hey, first time mead maker and I had a couple questions. The scale of this recipe is for 1 gallon? Also, how do you think the addition of fresh cherries in the primary would affect the mead. Any help is appreciated.

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