Bomber Thursdays


I confess its been a while since my last Bomber Thursday post. Well, I’m not dead… yet. I have still been keeping with the theme of BT’s, but the workload download has kept me from the keyboard.

Well I’m back with the Lagunitas Imperial Stout. I have often thought Lagunitas brews were on the sweet side, and was curious to how they would approach a stout. Well, of course they went big, as they do. A generous amount of roasted malt pairs very well to their signature sweetness. Smoky roasty rich dark fruit flavors appear with this black brew. For once malt takes the stage, but I can taste a bit pc their style of hopping while using some restraint.

Half a pint into this gravy the abv makes itself known. A welcome friend to us who are left behind in the current economic climate, bearing the workload of our fallen brothers/sisters. This pour is to them!

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